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Georgia Express Link Partner strongly supports and encourages a culture of diversity and inclusion.

We believe in not only achieving Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) participation goals, but we also strive to surpass those goals in every project that we do.

Diversity Business Initiative

Comprehensive Communications: We understand that timely and effective communication is necessary to the diverse business community.

Community Connections:  By building and fostering relationships, firms learn who we are, and we begin to build a relationship that is the foundation for successful partnership.

Continued Commitment: We are committed to diversity and the inclusion of Small (SBE), Disadvantaged (DBE), Minority and Woman-Owned (M/WBE) firms on our projects.

Consistent Results: Our commitment to the growth of the Small, Minority and Disadvantaged Business communities along with our comprehensive compliance approach from design and construction phases has resulted in substantial utilization and oftentimes the exceeding of project participation goals.

For inquiries regarding diversity contract opportunities, email

Recent Projects

NTE 1&2 W

DBE Goal:  12.12%
% Achieved: 21%
# of Contracts: 193
# of Firms: 129

Project Status: Completed

LBJ Express

DBE Goal: 12.12%
% Achieved: 20%
# of Contracts: 222
# of Firms: 136

Project Status: Completed

NTE 35W – 3A

DBE Goal: 6%
% Achieved: 10%
# of Contracts: 116
# of Firms: 112

Project Status: Completed

I-77 Express Lanes

DBE Goal: 12%
% Achieved: 26.06%
# of Contracts: 141
# of Firms: 40

Project Status: Completed

I-66 Outside The Beltway

DBE Goal: 15%
% Achieved: 20.62%
# of Contracts: 130
# of Firms: 110

Project Status: Ongoing

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