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Cintra + Ferrovial Construction
The LBJ Express was a 13-mile highway reconstruction project that doubled the capacity of a major corridor spanning two municipalities within Dallas County. All of the general-purpose, main lanes and frontage/service roads were reconstructed. In addition, four to six new tolled lanes (known as managed lanes) were added in each direction. The project began in late 2010 and was completed on-budget and 3 months ahead of schedule.

An engineering feat — over 6 million cubic yards of excavation had to be removed, 5.8 million square feet of bridge decks had to be built and approximately 2 million square feet of retaining walls were constructed all while maintaining mobility for 200,000+ motorists through one of the busiest corridors in the nation.

​Innovative Funding in the US

This project was at the time the largest PPP (Private Public Partnership) to be developed in the U.S. before the Transform I-66 Outside the Beltway project and to date in the Southwest of the U.S.

$0.5 Billion
Cintra Equity


Thanks to a stringent accident prevention program covering 9,000 workers, the LBJ Express project was completed with a safety incident rate of 1.2, a figure which is well below the national average of 3.6, with no fatalities or serious injuries in the work area after over 18 million hours worked.​

Quality and Environment

Works were carried out under an ISO 9001 quality system and an ISO 14001 environmental control system, with the LBJ being the first construction project in the state of Texas to comply with this essentially European standard.

The Environmental Team of the LBJ Express was highly efficient in the application of both creativity and innovation leading to the general success of the project. The LBJ Express project has been – and continues to be –recognized as a model to be followed given the quality and environment practices used on it.

The Construction Stage

  • 223 Utility conflicts with 23 owners
  • 40,000 activities on the schedule
  • 200+ traffic shifts
  • 14,000+ lane closures
  • Excavation – 5,800,000 cubic yards
  • Drilled Shafts- 305,233 linear feet
  • Asphalt – 678,288 tons
  • Bridge Decks – 5,800,000 million square feet
  • Retaining Walls – 2,000,000 square feet

Community Impact

With this project, our CSR contributions are focused on helping and promoting teaching programs related to science and technology in local school districts. As a result of this initiative, hundreds of advanced placement students and teachers have received resources and a curriculum to acquire higher-level skills and opportunities to take exams for college credit. We have helped the Fort Worth Independent School District launch a nation-wide competitive eSports program, in addition to awarding seniors merit-based STEM scholarships.

Other examples stemming from this initiative include the launch of a national e-sports program and various merit-based scholarships for science and technology programs for seniors.  For more information, click here.

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