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Cintra + Ferrovial Construction + AECOM
One of America’s most innovative and complex road building projects, the North Tarrant Express was built by Ferrovial Construction and is managed by Cintra.

In 2009, Cintra was chosen to lead a partnership that created the North Tarrant Express, a project that is improving mobility, relieving congestion and preparing for future growth along a corridor of highly traveled highways in North Texas.

The NTE is a 13.25 miles highway located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in north Texas. It is dedicated to improving mobility along a series of highways vital to the region, including IH-820 and SH 121/183.

The North Tarrant Express corridor has been one of the most congested in the United States. Drivers have been choosing the new managed lanes since the facility opened in 2014 because it offers faster, safer and more reliable travel.

Billion $ Investment
Cintra Equity

A Public-Private Partnership with the State of Texas

The NTE project created about 2,000 jobs in North Texas, contributing to the job creation and economic development recovery in the United States. Additionally, a significant number of the region’s small businesses, contractors, suppliers and vendors were involved in this critical project.

The Construction Stage

  • 84 bridges of 3.8 million square feet of deck area
  • 7.7 million cubic yards of earthwork
  • 290,000 linear feet of pipes/culverts
  • 2.7 million square feet in 157 retaining walls
  • 800,000 tons of paving
  • 214,000 linear feet of drilled caisson shafts
  • 458,000 linear feet of prestressed concrete beams
  • 32 million pounds of rebar tied.

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