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Cintra + Ferrovial Construction + AECOM
The $2.6 billion North Tarrant Express 35W project spans 18miles along I-35W, crossing through the heart of Fort Worth, Texas.

Toll lanes are managed by applying a dynamic toll to ensure that users can drive at a minimum average speed any time of day, even during peak hours. This completely renovated project also offers better standards and more safety for users who choose not to use these lanes.

This project, which entails a complete renovation of the corridor, also benefits users who choose to use the toll-free lanes since the standards have been improved for the entire corridor, resulting in higher road safety.

Segment 3A was developed by a consortium led by Cintra in the framework of a concession agreement (CDA).

This segment has a total length of 7 miles along the I-35W corridor. The total reconstruction of the link between I-35W and SH-820 is also a part of this project. This road includes Segment 1 of the North Tarrant Express, another project that Cintra manages in the area. Ferrovial Construction completed the project two months ahead of schedule.

Billion $ Investment
% Cintra Equity

The P3 process accelerated the implementation of the project in several years. The project consisted of rebuilding general-purpose lanes and service lanes along the corridor, constructing two toll lanes in each direction, and implementing a dynamic toll system.

Segment 3B, which is 3.6 miles in total, was financed, designed, and built by the Texas Department of Transportation. This segment opened in July 2017, and since then, the consortium led by Cintra has been responsible for its operation and maintenance.

​Segment 3C is 6.7 miles and is in the early stages of construction.

Community Impact

With this project, our CSR contributions are focused on helping and promoting teaching programs related to science and technology in local school districts. As a result of this initiative, hundreds of advanced placement students and teachers have received resources and a curriculum to acquire higher-level skills and opportunities to take exams for college credit. We have helped the Fort Worth Independent School District launch a nation-wide competitive eSports program, in addition to awarding seniors merit-based STEM scholarships.

Other examples stemming from this initiative include the launch of a national e-sports program and various merit-based scholarships for science and technology programs for seniors.  For more information, click here.

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