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The I-285/SR 400 Interchange Improvement Project in Atlanta will improve 4.3 miles of I-285 from west of Roswell Road to east of Ashford-Dunwoody Road and 6.2 miles along SR 400 from the Glenridge Connector to Spalding Drive. The Improvements include eastbound and westbound collector-distributor lanes on I-285 and northbound and southbound collector-distributor lanes on SR 400.

The collector-distributor lanes will connect through a series of flyover ramps creating a new interchange connecting the major interstate bypass and major state route. The I-285/SR 400 Interchange Reconstruction project also encompasses smaller key projects that will help improve traffic conditions for the busy metro region. One of the improvements includes expanding and lengthening Mount Vernon Highway bridge over SR 400 and constructing a diverging-diamond interchange on Abernathy Road at SR 400.

Upon its final completion, the $450 million interchange reconstruction project and its smaller projects will bring some relief for the 420,000 vehicles that use the interchange daily.

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